DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and addresses online copyright infringement.

The overall goal of the DMCA is to address online copyright infringement in a way that balances the interests of copyright owners, online service providers and internet users. 

To protect copyright owners from infringement of their work, the DMCA allows them to ask website administrators to remove infringing material quickly without having to resort to litigation.

To protect service providers whose users may post or distribute infringing content on their platforms, the DMCA protects them from liability for copyright infringement if they promptly remove the infringing material upon receiving a takedown request from the copyright owner.

  • The DMCA says that, while an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is not liable for displaying information that infringes a copyright, the ISP needs to remove the material from their users' websites if they receive proper notice. 
  • A DMCA claim requires that hosting providers, upon receipt of an infringement claim, remove or disable access to any websites that are potentially infringing.
  • In short, Campus Suite must comply, with or without the customers permission. It is up to the customer to defend and provide proof they are allowed to use the content in question on their website in a timely manner.

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