Now that we understand structure of folders and proper naming conventions, all we have to do is upload them to the proper place on our website. Simply login, and go to either the file manager, or the PDF manager and upload documents directly to the proper folder(s).

Uploading file via the File Manager

Login and go to your root department by clicking the folder icon to the right of your CDD website name.

Then, click files to go to the file manager.

You'll see your folder structure in the file manager. Simply click the folder icon to the right of the folder you wish to go into. You may see sub-folders and other files. If you are uploading a board meeting agenda, go into Agendas. If you are uploading meeting minutes, find the Minutes folder. When you arrive in the folder you wish to upload your properly-named PDF in to, click the green Upload button to upload your file and follow the directions on screen. See screen below.

Uploading files via the PDF Manager

You can also upload files directly via the PDF Manager. From your dashboard, click Accessibility in the top bar and then click PDF Management in the left navigation. The PDF Manager is where you can see if your PDF documents have been remediated. The manager lists all the PDF's linked on your website (along with their location on the site) and shows a colored tag next to each. The orange tag that reads Needs Review means the document is awaiting remediation by Campus Suite. The green tag that reads Reviewed means that we have already remediated the document. In either case, there's nothing for you to do. We'll handle it for you! As you upload PDF documents to your website, they all queue up here and allows both our teams to see real-time status of each document.

You can upload files to your website directly to the PDF Management dashboard by clicking the green Add Files button located at the top-right. It will open a dialogue allowing you to select the exact folder you wish to upload your properly-names documents into. See the screenshot below.

Once you've uploaded your documents, they do show immediately on your public website UN-REMEDIATED until our team reviews and fixes them. This allows you to get the document posted out on your website in a time-sensitive manner but don't worry, our team is notified to come and fix the document ASAP. There's nothing for you to do except rest-assured our team will review and fix the document for you. If there are any problems with a specific document, we'll reach out to you to let you know.