This video will show how to set up your sub-domain and begin using the PDF remediation manager right away. We recommend watching the entire 6-minute video below. However, if you'd like to jump to a specific part of the video, click the link below. 

Total video length: 6.5 minutes

Lesson tracks include: Click to view the video in segments

  • Set up sub-domain
  • Logging in
  • Remediation report
  • PDF Manager
  • Upload PDF files
  • Copy link to use on a website
  • Download and replace files
  • Getting support

Set up sub-domain

How do I set up my sub-domain so that I can link to my files securely?

To link to your PDF files securely, you will need to add an "A" record to your domains DNS. If you do not manage your DNS yourself, you may need to put in a case, or 'ticket,' with your IT person or provider to make the addition. Once you have identified who will make the addition, you will need the information for the new record.

  • Type - 'A' record 
  • Name -This is whatever you would like visitors to your site to see when they click on the links to the files. We recommend; files, pdfs or documents.
  • Value -

Please be aware that it may take up to twenty-four hours for the addition to the DNS to propagate so the sooner in the process that it can be done the better. Once you have decided on the Name please let your Project Manager know what you have named it so they can make sure things are set up on our end.

Logging in & General Information

  • How do I find the Accessibility Dashboard after logging in?
    After logging in, click on Accessibility, which is located in the dashbar, to the right of the home icon at the top of the screen.

  • Where should I upload my PDFs that need to be remediated?
    Upload all of your PDFs that need to be remediated to the PDF Manager. Click on Accessibility at the top of the screen followed by PDF Management in the left navigation.

  • What is the turn-around time for PDF remediation?
    it depends on your review date, and when you uploaded the file to the PDF Manager. The way our process works is that even while you are waiting for PDFs to be reviewed, you can still link to them on your website unless your school has a strict policy of not linking up PDFs until they are reviewed. There's no need to come back and re-link unless you have changed the physical name of the file, or moved it.

    Our team goes through and reviews your PDFs once each month on the anniversary of your start date. So uploading a PDF after we have already performed your monthly remediation means that PDF waits until the next review. However, if you upload a PDF before your review, it could be processed rather quickly. Be aware of the date your PDF's are set to be reviewed so that you can get them uploaded into place in time for the next review. Your project manager can inform you of your monthly review date. 

Remediation report & PDF Manager

The ADA Dashboard and PDF Management are centralized locations where you can find all of the ADA scan reports created for your site that review PDFs that have been uploaded on a monthly basis and where you can manage your files. 

  • Accessibility Dashboard - reviews the Accessibility Dashboard.  
  • PDF Management - Reviews the PDF Management menu and how to upload & download files, locate the URL of the remediated file and finally how to find the status of uploaded PDFs.