By default, the accessible list is the view that calendar module pages are set to display events in but it can be set to a graphical calendar instead. To change the default view of a calendar module page, follow the instructions listed below; 

  1. Navigate to the department that you would like to change the default view of the calendar module page and click on Calendar in the module list. 
  2. At the top, in the header area where it displays the department that you are in, click on the Gear icon to the right of the name of the department name to reveal a menu where you will need to select  Calendar Settings.
  3. View Mode, which is an additional field for the calendar module, allows you to change how the module displays events. By default, the Calendar module will display events as a list but you can choose to have them displayed in a graphical calendar instead.
  4. After you've configured your options, click Save.

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