Here is how a person can register to receive - and eventually manage - the notifications they would like to receive from you:

  • Register to receive notifications by opting in to the service: Head to your site’s unique registration screen and follow the steps there. The URL for this is your site's dashboard URL plus /_notifications/registration/. For example, the URL for the notifications registration screen for would be

    People wanting to register for your notifications will first need the registration code that you will set in the General Settings menu in Notifications and the URL of the login screen.

  • Updating which notifications you receive:  Your district’s unique notifications portal allows registered users to log in and set both which notifications they want to receive (on the Subscriptions tab) and how they want to receive them (on the default Notifications tab). The URL for the login screen is your site's URL plus /_notifications/login/ at the end. For example, the URL for the notifications login screen for would be