The Subscriptions screen lists categories of Topics available for subscription. Each Category contains Topics that you can choose to subscribe to by selecting the appropriate Notification Type.

Click the arrow to the right of a category to expand the Topics that are available for subscription. Select the type of notification that you would like to receive for each Topic.

Please watch the Campus Suite Notifications - Public Registration Portal video for more information.

How do I view/hide the topics of a category?

To view/hide the topics of a category click on the arrow to the right of a Category name. 

How do I deactivate/activate a notification type for a topic?

To change the types of notifications that you receive from a topic, click the appropriate switches to the right of the topic. Switching them from either green to gray (not active)  or gray to green (active). Please remember you can only sign up for those notification types that you have registered to receive in the Notifications section of your account. 

Please note that you can only sign up for one notification type per topic, your selection can change later.