This widget should only be used in the website theme pages and works dynamically in conjunction with the Shared Content module. Like the Shared Content widget, the Shared Content Dynamic widget allows you to place shared content on the website's theme pages. Unlike the Shared Content widget, whose content is set to specific shared content, the Shared Content Dynamic widget is not set to a specific shared content but to a name that is set in the widget.  This allows the widget to change what is being shown on a page by the department that the page is located in, displaying the shared content in that department whose name matches what is set in the widget. Typical publishers will not have to use this widget.

Campus Suite Tip - Place the shared content that will be replaced in the root directory of the site and use that as a base to create the shared content that you want to replace it within the departments that you would like the shared content to change in. We also recommend keeping the new shared content's name the same as the original one so it is easier to identify and set up. 

How do I add this widget to a page?

  1. Click Edit Page
  2. Click either + Content or the Settings icon (down=facing arrow) which will be located to the right of Edit where you will need to select either Insert before or Insert after
  3. Choose the Shared Content Dynamic widget
  4. After updating the settings for the widget, which you can find listed below with descriptions of each, click the green Create button. 
    • Name- The name of the shared content that should be displayed on a page.
    • Inheritance - If the widget cannot find shared content in a sub-department that matches the name entered, should the widget continue to check in the parent departments? 
    • Fallback - This is the shared content that will be shown if no shared content is found matching the name that was entered.  If nothing is entered an empty container will be displayed when no shared content matching the name is located. 
  5. Your Shared Content Dynamic widget will show up on the page.
  6. Make sure to click either the Publish or the Save Draft option just as you would when you're editing pages.