To embed a PDF onto a page so it viewable by visitors to the site, navigate to the page that you would like to place it on and select Edit Page. From there insert a new widget, select the HTML SOURCE widget from the choices given and paste the following code into it. 

<iframe frameborder="0" height="950px" title="a letter from the superintendent about the state exam" longdesc="State Exam Information - District Letter" name="State Exam Information" scrolling="no" src="/timberhillhighschool/files/documents/stateexamInformation.pdf" width="100%"></iframe>

After pasting the above code into the widget you will need to update the following information, which is highlighted above so you can see where it is in the code, so they are appropriate for your document. 

  • height - Enter the height in pixels you would like the viewer to be. You may have to try several different sizes before finding the one that will work with your PDF.
  • longdesc - A description of the document.
  • title = a description of what’s in the frame
  • name - Name of the document
  • src - The relative URL of the document. For example for the following; you would enter everything but the

    Note - If you are having issues finding the relative URL of a PDF. you can do so by using the link tool that is built into the HTML WYSIWYG widget. Copying the information that is being displayed in the URL field in the link editor.

    Campus Suite Tip - To find the URL of a PDF stored in a Google drive, preview the PDF and click on the three vertical dots at the top right-hand side of the screen. Select Embed Item... from the options given and copy the URL in the quotes after src= and paste it into the example above, update the longdesc and name so they are appropriate for the document.

When you are finished editing the code, click on the green Create button located at the bottom of the widget and then either Publish or Save Draft in the side navigation to view the embedded PDF on the page. You may have to do this several times to adjust the height of the widget so the PDF is how you would like it on the page.

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