If for some reason you would like to share an entire department's Alert, Blog, Calendar or News module data with another so that it is shown in that department's appropriate module too, you can easily do that by following the instructions below. This could be used to share a school's calendar or news with the district so that it is displayed on the District's main page.

  1. Navigate to the department that you would like to share the information with
  2. Click on the appropriate module (i.e. news, events, blog, etc) in the module list. 
  3. At the top, in the header area where it displays the department that you are in, click on the name of the department name to reveal a menu where you will need to select the appropriate Module Settings, for example. "Blog Settings' for editing the header for a blog module.
  4. Choose the departments whose data will be synced into the current department by selecting the department in Department Syncs.
  5. After you've selected the departments, click Save.

To stop showing a department's module information in another department, follow the instructions listed above and click on the department that you no longer want to be listed in the Department Syncs field. 

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