The Notifications Types menu allows you to choose the notification types that you would like to use for communicating with your community. Any changes here will affect the Channels that can be selected while composing a notification. 

Please watch the Campus Suite Notifications - Administrator Setup video for more information.

How do I activate /deactivate Notification types?

Click Notifications located in the top bar of the dashboard. Upon initial setup, all notification types are deactivated by default. Activate the types that you would plan to use in future notifications messages. 

  1. Click Settings > Notification Types in the side navigation.
  2. Toggle on the notification types that you like to use. Activated switches are green, while deactivated ones are grayed out. Available notification types are listed below;
    • Email Notifications
    • Text/SMS Notifications
    • Voice Notifications
    • Facebook Notifications
    • Twitter Notifications
    • Alert Notifications - This option allows you to push a website alert to the top of your website while sending out a notification. 
  3. When you are done, click Update at the bottom of the screen.