The Email, SMS Text, Voice Call and Messenger Logs menus are centralized locations where you can find information on the notifications that have been sent out. The information that each menu contains will vary but may include; 

  • From - Will show who (set in either the notification itself or the appropriate settings menu) sent the notification and will change depending on the type of notification; showing an email, phone number or etc.
  • To - Will show you who received the notification. What is displayed is determined by the type of notification sent.
  • Status - Will show the status of the message, either displaying that it was sent or that an error occurred.
  • Call Result - Will only show when viewing the voice call logs.
  • Last Updated - Will display the date of when the notification was sent out.
  • Content - Will allow you to either read or listen to the message that was sent out, depending on the type of notification sent.

How do I download a copy of one of the logs?

To download a copy of one of the logs, navigate to the appropriate log menu and do the following steps.

  1. Click the green +Export in the upper right-hand corner and a window will pop up
  2. Either open or choose the application that you would like to use to open the CSV file
  3. Save the file