To add a notification, navigate to the dashboard and click on Notifications located to the right of the Campus Suite logo and click on Messages followed by Create & Send.

  1. Enter the information for the message, fields and their descriptions are listed below;
    • Message Name - Enter the title of the notification. 
    • Message Folder - If you have set up a folder for notifications, select the folder that you would want the notification to be stored in. 
    • Message - Enter the notification message.
    • Message (URL) Link - Please note, this field is no longer be used.
    • Email to alert when sending is complete - Enter an email(s) to receive an email when the email is sent. 
  2. Verify that the message is not being used for marketing purposes by checking the box at the bottom of the Message Settings screen. 
  3. Select the List(s) that you would like the notification to be sent to. To the right of the List's title shows the number of recipients. It also lists the number of emails, SMS texts and voice messages that have been entered for that list.
  4. Review and select the Channels that you would like the notification to be sent to. At least one channel must be selected for a notification to be sent out. 
    • Phone -By clicking on this you are given the choices to either record a message from either your computer or phone or to upload an MP3 message. Please note that the MP3 should be no larger than 1MB in size to prevent errors from occurring when uploading the MP3.
    • Text/SMS - Selecting this allows you to customize the 160 character SMS text message that the notification will send out.
    • Email - Allows you to edit the notification that will be received by those by email. By default, the email will have the settings that were set in Email Settings but those can be changed here if an email notification needs to have a different Reply to or From Name.  You can preview an email notification by clicking on Preview and if everything looks good, click Save.
    • Facebook - Allows you to enter a Facebook post and select the Facebook page that you would like it to be posted to. The facebook page is set in settings under Facebook Settings
    • Facebook Messenger - You can customize the message that will be sent out through Facebook Messenger. 
    • Twitter- Selecting this allows you to customize the 140 character Twitter message to be posted to the Twitter account that was entered in Twitter Settings.
    • Website - Allows you to create an Alert that should be posted at the top of your district/school's website. The notification will also be listed in the Alert module list in the department that it was saved to.

      Note - If the department you save the Alert to is the focus of the Alert Banner of your website, the alert will appear at the top of your site during the time that was set in Start Date and Expiry Date
  5. After clicking Next on the bottom of the Channels screen you will be taken to a screen where you can review the notification, making any necessary edits before clicking Send or Schedule