If you like to change the order of either the People Profiles or FAQ Questions for a department you can do so by editing the profile or question and changing the number in the Rank field. By default, it is set to zero so that both are ordered alphabetically.  

But if you would like to move either a Profile or an FAQ Question to the top of a list you can do so by entering a higher number into the Rank field, for example, 100.  This will move that item up to the top of the list for both the module and any widget displaying information from that module. You can also move a Profile or Question down the list by entering a negative number into the Rank field. Please note that any entries in the same module will be displayed alphabetically with those that have the same Rank.

This should only be used to change the order of as few as possible Profiles or Questions entries in a department.  If you are finding that you are using it for more we recommend looking at using one of the widgets that allows you greater control over what is listed and how.