Yes due to a recent update you can add a field to a Google form that allows users to upload files. But there are several things that you will need consider when creating a form with a File Upload question on it. First, all files will be uploaded to the form owner's Google Drive space. Second respondents will be required to sign in to Google when using the form. Make sure to only share the form with people you trust.

You can specify the type of files, the maximum number of files and finally the maximum file size that can be uploaded with each File Upload question. Each form can accept up to 1 GB of files, which can be changed.

NOTE: A form that has a File Upload question on it cannot be embedded on a page, it can only be linked to.

How do I add a File Upload question to a Google form?

  1. Go to the form that you would like to add the File Upload question to
  2. Click on Add Question (plus icon) and select the File Upload from the question type drop down menu
  3. Enter the question and then configure the settings, which includes;
    • Allow only specific file types - by default, all files can be uploaded
    • Maximum number of files - initially only one file can be uploaded but there are options for five and then files.
    • Maximum file size 
  4. Finally, click on SEND while viewing the form and click on the Link icon in the Send via section and copy the URL that is given. You can link to the form by either pasting the URL into the appropriate field in the navigation editor, button widget or any widget that allows you to enter a link. Please remember to change the Target of the link to New Window in Campus Suite so a visitor is not taken from your site when clicking on the link. 

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