The first thing that might come to mind when you want to hide a module item from being shown is to delete it, then just re-enter the information later when you would like it to be shown again. An example of this could be a staff member taking a maternity leave or something similar. While it is easy to delete any of the module information, we recommend not deleting the information

What we recommend is creating a new department, naming it 'Hidden People' or simply 'Hidden' for example and keep that department hidden. Then you can move any of the module information into that department and out of the department that it is currently in to achieve the same effect.

If for some reason you have to hide a page and the Hide function in the navigation editor is not what you are looking for, please keep in mind of any links on other pages that go to that page when you move it. Those links could still work and we recommend removing them so there is no links to the moved and now hidden page. Also remember to update the navigation in the original department so it no longer shows the page that you moved. 

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