The Locks menu gives you a centralized location where you can find if there are any locks that are preventing users from editing elements, such as pages or module items, that may exist and allow you to unlock them. 

How long is an item locked?

An item is locked for a hour unless the lock is released in the Locks menu. 

How do I find a list of locks that exist on my site?

To see a list of locks on your site, navigate to Locks under Site Settings and select the section that you want to see the locks for at the top of the Locks menu. 

What can be locked?

Below you will find a list of items, which can be found in the Locks menu, that can be locked. 

  • Alert
  • Alert Draft
  • Post
  • Post Draft
  • Event
  • Event Draft
  • Gallery
  • Gallery Draft
  • Article
  • Article Draft
  • Page
  • Page Draft
  • Profile
  • Profile Draft
  • Question
  • Question Draft
  • Siteplan
  • Snippet
  • Snippet Draft


How can I tell who locked an item and when?

As noted above, you can locate if an item is locked and who locked it in the appropriate section in the Locks menu. The second place is at the item itself, be it a page or a module item there will be a lock and who locked it at the top left hand side of the screen. 

How can I release the lock on an item?

To release a lock on an item, navigate to the appropriate section in the Locks menu and locate the item that you would like to unlock. Click on the unlocked lock icon (release) to the right of the page's title that you would like to release the lock on. 

Note - Please verify that the person who Campus Suite says has locked the page is no longer editing it. This way any changes that they are making is not lost.