Module Image Sizes and the Campus Suite Crop Tool

Our Crop Tool allows you to crop. It does not allow you to resize. Resizing should be done before uploading an image to Campus Suite. The Crop Tool makes use of the full image and adjusts to best fit the aspect ratios defined.

Be sure to always upload quality images that are of adequate resolution. This ensures images will look good throughout the site.

Campus Suite currently allows you to control the crop for three sizes (aspect ratios). These predefined aspect ratios are used by our Modules in the list views (thumbnail) and detail views (feature image) for the public web pages.

Important: The aspect ratio for images used in our Modules is dictated by the template design. For example, some templates use the rectangle crop (4:3) for a blog post’s featured image (inline) while another might use the widescreen crop (16:9), allowing it to span across the content area.

  • Square crop (1:1 aspect ratio)
    The square crop is typically used in list views and some detail views. The square crop is used for both the list and detail view for People Profiles.

  • Rectangle crop (4:3 aspect ratio, landscape)
    The rectangle crop is typically used for both thumbnails in list views as well as feature images (inline) in detail views (full post, full article, etc.).

  • Widescreen crop (16:9 aspect ratio)
    The widescreen crop is used in the detail views for some template designs.

Click here to view more detailed documentation on how to crop faculty/staff images.