To edit the slider on the homepage of your website click on Site Management followed by Design & Layouts in the left-hand navigation. You will see a list of Designs, and underneath each Design is Outer Layouts, Inner Layouts and Delete Theme.  Before continuing please remember that any edits to the Outer or Inner Layouts will affect the entire site and we recommend being cautious when making any edits to them.

  1. Click on Inner Layouts under the appropriate Design. This will bring you to a page that shows all of the Inner Templates for that Design. Click on the Pencil icon to the right of the theme that is labeled Home. Please note you may be taken to a Select Theme Preview screen where there may be multiple options shown, out of the options shown, select the Default theme.

  2. On the next screen click on Next, you do not need to select a layout.

  3. This is where people get confused because you are not automatically in edit mode (you will not see your theme yet) to do so click on Edit Mode, located in the left-hand navigation and you will be taken to where you can edit the Inner Template.

  4. When you position the cursor over the container that contains the slider a green bar will appear. Click on Edit to edit the widget. Please note that if you find that you are editing a Shared Content widget instead of an Owl Slider or Owl Featured Slider widget you can easily locate where the slider is located by looking at the settings of the widget. By going to the department that is listed in the Department field and clicking on Shared Content, you should be able to locate the file that was listed in the Select the shared content field and edit it.

  5. If you are wanting to add or remove slides, please see the article on the Owl Slider widget for instructions on how to do so. But you can also update one of the slides that already exists.
    • The image can easily be updated by clicking on the one that is already there and select the image you want to replace it with. You can do this  by either navigating to where the image (what you want to update it with) is being stored or upload a new image.

  6. After making the necessary changes click on UPDATE located at the bottom of the page, then Save in the sidebar. 

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