While it is important for your site to be ADA compliant it is also important for the files that you upload to it, to be compliant too. This is so that a visitor to your site, who may have an impairment, can access a majority of the material that you have on your site. Listed below you will find links to external sources, that we do not endorse, that review how to either fix or make documents in several popular applications ADA compliant. 


  • Create Accessible Electronic Documents on Section508.gov - a collection of documents & links that include checklists and information for creating & maintaining accessible documents in various popular electronic formats

  • Cheatsheets - one-page documents, created by the National Center on Disability and Access to Education, which are catered for the less technical individuals to help them create accessible content. 

  • Create accessible PDFs - Link to a page maintained by Microsoft that reviews how to make Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations. Word documents, Outlook email and OneNote notebooks accessible, finally saving them as accessible PDFs. 



Microsoft Word