There are some items that you may find as you review your site/pages that are unique. Listed below are several questions in the checklist that may help in these cases.

ADA Review Checklist

  1. Is there flashing or blinking text or anything animated?
    There should be no flashing or blinking elements on a page in consideration of Photosensitive epileptics. Also, any animations must have at least one version that is not animated.
  2. Are there audio files linked to or embedded on the page? 
    If there are any audio files they must be accompanied by a text transcript.
  3. Are frames being used on the page?
    Frames are used to divide the browser window into individual frames where other web pages can be shown. The code that is used to do that is old and is no longer supported by later browsers. Don't use frames. It's a trend that is dying and they make pages non-compliant. Let's not confuse Frames with iFrames. To be clear, below is the HTML syntax used to divide a browser window into frames, and then load files a, b and c into each of the frames.

    Below you will find an example of a frame that you can use to look for it in the source.
     <frameset cols="15%,50%,35%">
      <frame src="frame_a.htm">
      <frame src="frame_b.htm">
      <frame src="frame_c.htm">

Additional Information

  • Flash/Animations
    Flash is a disappearing trend. Even Adobe is winding it down.
    • No flashing or blinking text. Photosensitive epileptic considerations.

    • Any animations must have at least one non-animated version. Don’t post it on your website until both versions are available as it’s technically illegal.

  • Audio
    All audio files need and accompanying textual transcript.

  • Frames (not iFrames)
    Frames are an old feature that breaks a browser window into individual frames where other web pages can be loaded in. Not only are these non-compliant, but they are also archaic and Campus Suite does not support them.

  • FontAwesome
    Campus Suite uses FontAwesome. Find info on accessibility for these icons here.

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