All third-party content must be compliant if linked from another website. This includes videos linked from Youtube and Vimeo accounts. Customers are responsible for handling closed-captioning and transcriptions of their videos. If you are a subscriber to the Campus Suite ADA Service Plan, then you get up to 60 minutes of video transcription per year. Just submit a support inquiry to our support desk. We will need your actual video file to begin the work.

  • Videos must have close-captioning and a transcription available.

  • Any video without audio should have an accompanying audio description track.

  • Captions - text synced with media with relevant sound effects included.¬†

  • Transcripts - not synced with video, good for podcasts. More for people who might have a hard time understanding the language

  • Two different types of captions;

    • Open - burned into the video and cannot be turned off

    • Closed - can be turned off by the¬†viewer

  • Video captioning should be as accurate as possible. Automatic captioning like what Youtube provides automatically is not yet very good.

  • Captioning makes videos accessible for hearing-impaired users. It also helps with comprehension and a retention of information

  • Captioned videos assist with SEO, because the text can be found by google.