When placed on a page, this widget allows a user to search for a person by first or last name, or by department. Simply select this widget, leave all the defaults and drop it on to a page. There is no customization needed. Of course, if you or the designer working on the site are wanting more control over the design, we make the following options available.

How do I add this widget to a page?

  1. Click Edit Page
  2. Click either + Content or the Settings icon (down-facing arrow) which will be located to the right of Edit where you will need to select either Insert before or Insert after
  3. Choose the People Search widget followed by the green Create button and your People Search widget will show up on the page. 
  4. Make sure to click either the Publish or the Save Draft option just as you would when you're editing pages.

Recommendation - If you are using the People Search Widget in conjunction with the Rows widget, we recommend not using it in a column less than 1/2 (or 50%). This allows for correct spacing and a cleaner look for the People Search widget.

Note: The People Search widget will only search in departments that are visible to it. Please see the article that reviews Departments to see how to hide/show departments.