Up until deployment, both of our teams have been working together through the processes that have allowed design and content migration to happen simultaneously.  Because of this, there's never really a clear end to content migration.  The site is ready to deploy when you and your team have reviewed the site, clicked through its navigation, and confirmed all the initial pages of content are there. 

t seems like content is never really quite complete... and always subject to review and revision.   Everyone tends to add and modify content up to, and past deployment. You're in Campus Suite CMS after all!

Campus Suite only needs to be informed as to when you will  update your DNS  so we can be available on our end to conduct tests. Your Campus Suite project manager is available for five (5) working days after deployment to assist in any immediate post-deployment issues or changes. After five days, all requests must come into our primary support desk as support inquiries from your website dashboard, or by emailing support at campussuite dot com directly.

We are also happy to conduct any training that you feel you still may need. You can watch the basic publisher webcasts and you can also sign up for the live webcasts that we conduct at 1 pm EST on Thursdays based on attendance. Additionally, we are happy to conduct a one on one training session with you to show you any specifics related to your unique website. For example, how to size and upload new rotating banner images, or smaller graphic panels on the home page of your site. Unlike typical images that you are adding to pages when you modify them, these graphics have to be scaled to a fixed size to work and display properly. We are happy to go over this with you if you need us to.

As you grant access to teachers or other new publishers, we recommend that you require them to watch and complete the Basic Publisher training video so that they are adding content to your website in a manner that will remain compatible with the multitude of devices viewing your website.

Here are some important things to keep in mind 

If you have any other concerns, please share them with your project manager during the 5 business days after your site deploys. The project manager will work with you to make sure you are situated and satisfied. It is our goal to help you feel confident and empowered to manage your website and our support team will be here to help you along the way. Thank you again for working with us and we look forward to serving you now and in the future.