Campus Suite will import large sets of data into the system by using populating bulk data import sheets. These sheets are simply Excel or Google sheets that you can populate and send back to Campus Suite. Your project manager will help you.

You’ll want to make it so that ALL of your faculty and staff can be looked up in a searchable directory on your web site. Or perhaps, you have news releases, or calendar/events that you wish to import into your site to start off with. Campus Suite provides bulk import sheets that can be used to provide common data; users, faculty/staff, news and events for bulk importing. Also, 301 redirects can be set up so that URL’s that you commonly rely on remain working when your new web site is launched.


Only users with Administrator privileges can access and use the imports feature.

Types of Imports

The following Campus Suite modules/features support data imports. 

  • Calendar
  • News
  • Blog
  • Faculty
  • Redirects

We realize that many people may not be familiar Excel spreadsheets, or just may be intimidated by this process altogether. If that is the case, please contact Campus Suite support, or the project manager working with you on your site and they'll be happy to assist!