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Digital assets are any kind of file; logos, Word and Excel documents, PDF's, images and many other formats. This 6-minute video provides an overview of the Campus Suite file manager, and how to view, manage and upload files to a department on your web site. 

If you are a new customer, or upgrading from our previous platform, this video also shows how to position a starting batch of imagery for our migration team to use as they migrate content from your current site into the staged pages.

We especially want you to upload your best quality images to your file manager to have for when building page content. These images may be laying around on CD's or DVD's... or perhaps you just had a photographer capture images from a recent event. Collect these images and upload them to your web site or share a Google drive folder with your project manager. Remember, while our team can pull imagery from your current/live website, it is undesireable to do so. These images were scaled and optimized for your curretn sites resolution. Your new theme in the latest platform will need different resolutions of imagery (all created automatically from your hires versions)...and so, it'e better to start with the best imagery you have. 

Be selective about the media that you upload to your website, as the media will consume the disk space that counts towards your plans disk space quota. Find your best quality, high resolution images and avoid multiple images that look the same. We define high-resolution as images being a minimum of 2000 pixels in width or height. By choosing these better quality images, Campus Suite will automatically create all of the versions you may need across your website and allow you to select the best size when needed. If you want to color-correct your images, that should be done before uploading to your website. Just be sure to maintain the images original resolution. If you need a good image editor, try the free, online one at