Campus Suite syncs with Clever. The idea is when your organization syncs data with Clever, you can then give Campus Suite access to certain information. Typically, Campus Suite will interact with your SIS so that your teachers can use the same login info they use to access your SIS to login to Campus Suite. This brings about several questions that we'll add here as needed.

  • If I create a new user in my SIS and sync to Clever, will that person show up in Campus Suite?
    Yes. If Campus Suite is granted access to that data, the person will have an account show up in Campus Suite. It's this account that you will apply roles and access permissions to in order to limit that persons access to various areas of your web site. Users can still be "deactivated" in Campus Suite so they cannot gain access to your web site, regardless of them being in Clever. Keep that in mind.

  • What if I remove an account from Clever? Will that person be removed from Campus Suite?
    No. Instead, the user account will remain in tact, but it will be put into a deactivated state automatically. The reason is because if you decide to re-enable that persons access, the account would still be available to manage their permissions. Deleting people affects things like activity logs, etc. A deactivated user may as well be a deleted user for all intents and purposes, but keeps things like activity logging intact.

  • Will adjustments to users in Clever affect my regular faculty/staff listings?
    No. Accounts, and faculty listings are two separate things in Campus Suite. A Clever sync only syncs up users. It does not touch faculty listings/profiles in any way.

  • How do I set my sharing permissions for applications?
    See this link for setting sharing permissions.

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