The Campus Suite licensing agreement is designed to enable the client to receive ongoing version updates for the cloud-based Campus Suite Enterprise instance. Each user has a Campus Suite license. This agreement includes version updates to the Campus Suite Software as a Service platform and entitles you to support. Campus Suite will supply software updates and new releases of the platform when such updates and new releases are ready for general distribution. All installations shall be carried out by Innersync, and software installations are covered under the terms of the Campus Suite License agreement.

License includes

Version updates
  • New features and functionality
  • Bug fixes
  • Security patches
  • Maintenance updates
  • Database updates
Technical support
  • Documentation
  • Technical, system wide configuration questions
  • Software errors with system related to
Licensing and technical support does not include:
  • Support for issues or errors with 3rd party licenses
  • Support for older revisions of 3rd party software
  • Backup or restore support for 3rd party software
  • In-depth configuration support for 3rd party software

Clients with external applications must obtain and provide the needed third-party software licenses, and the needed version(s) of the software. Innersync may deny technical support requests for older versions of third-party software, or software where proper licenses are not maintained.