Widgets are the building blocks of a page and they can also extend the capabilities of the platform. All widgets are available to our customers with new ones becoming available regularly. Pages are comprised of a series of widgets. You can use a widget to set the number of columns you need in a page, then drop text widgets to add free-form text and images. You can use another widget to insert media such as videos from your Vimeo or Youtube account, or add an image rotator on your page. Use the Tabs widget to add tabbed panels of content to a page. You can drop module widgets that interact with Campus Suite data modules to call events, news blogs and more. For example, you could call the latest 3 upcoming events and list them on a page. Once set, it will automatically update and you never have to adjust it again, unless you want to.

Additional Articles

  • Row - Allows you to set the number of columns that are on a page. 
  • Html WYSIWYG - The primary widget that you will use to create pages. Allowing you to add text, images, links and etc to a page. 
  • Video - Easily insert a video on a page with the use of this widget
  • Owl Slider - Add an image rotator to a page.
  • Tabs -Allows you to add tabbed panels of content to a page.