Works the same as the File List widget, but instead of targeting a directory on the website, it targets a folder on Google drive. This is a popular widget and recommended over the file widget since it allows you to manage the docs via Google drive and you won't have to login to the website to make any changes.

Recommendation - If you are using the Google Drive embed Widget in conjunction with the Rows widget, we recommend not using anything smaller than either the 1/4 x 3/4 or the 3/4 x 1/4 structures. This allows for correct spacing and a cleaner look for the File List widget.

Note - As additional items are added to the Google Drive, the Google Drive Embed widget may need to be resized so that all of the items we be shown. This can be done by editing the widget and entering a size in the Height field. By default the widget is set to a height of 200.

How do I add this widget to a page?

  1. Click Edit Page
  2. Click the Edit Content icon (pencil) and select either Insert before or Insert after
  3. Choose the Google Drive Embed widget
  4. Paste the URL that  you received from Google - see Additional Articles below.
  5. Additional fields that can be found in the Settings tab allows you to customize what the widget displays. The fields and their descriptions are listed below;
    • Display Type - Choose how the files will displayed. You can choose between List or Grid.
    • Title - Enter a descriptive title for ADA compliance.
    • Height - Height of the widget. 
  6. When you are finished, click on the green Create button and your Google Drive Embed widget will show up on the page.
  7. Make sure to click the Save --> Publish options just as you would when you're editing pages.

Additional Articles