Campus Suite publishers are the backbone of your organization. They are the ones closest to the content and have the knowledge and power to keep content fresh. This series will get your publishers up to speed fast by covering only the most important functions to have them adding and editing content and navigation. We recommend requiring all your publishers to view it before they log in for the first time.

Basic Training - Online/Individual

Total videos length: 1h 25m

pade-editing-videoYou can do this series of videos online and at your own pace. Within each lesson track, you can jump to specific sections of the videos to get at only want you need, and fast! It's the best way to get up to speed in Campus Suite. After you have watched this series, step it up a notch and schedule an instructor-led group training webcast for your organization (more info below). 

Lesson tracks include: Click below to watch now.

Basic Training - Group/Instructor-led Webcast

The live training that you can sign up for below is abridged from the more complete curriculum above. It includes the following and these sessions are kept to 1 hour in length. You can also provide us a specific agenda of topics that you want to be covered for your training session. We're here to help!

Basic Training

Dashboard Overview

  • Basic Dashboard Overview
    • Left-hand navigation
      • Drafts
      • Websites
      • Intranets
      • Teacher Websites
      • Site Management
    • Center and right side of the window
      • Title of the department - When clicked on shows a  preview of the department
      • Folder icon - when clicked on takes you to the department
    • Top navigation bar
      • Houses your Account information and allows you to edit it, including your password and how you login
      • Search - allows you to search the back end of the website
        • Tip - if you are searching for a person try using on the first or last name.
      • Help - where you can submit Support Tickets and find a link to the Knowledge Base.
  • Submitting a support ticket and chat.
  • Navigating the website structure
  • File Management

Using Asset Filters/Modules

Adding a page

  • Navigation Editor
    • Linking to pdfs and modules in the navigation editor
    • Adding a page to the navigation
  • Editing the new page
    • How to build a page using the HTML WYSIWYGwidget
      • Pasting text from Word or other sources
      • Formatting your content using available styles
      • Difference between hard and soft breaks
      • Adding images to a page & make them ADA compliant
      • Adding links to a page & make them ADA compliant
    • Creating more advanced layouts using the ROW widget in conjunction with other widgets.
    • Adding a widget that works with the modules

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