Campus Suite publishers are the backbone of your organization. They are the ones closest to the content and have the knowledge and power to keep content fresh. This session will show common techniques used by the publisher to author new pages, modify existing pages and pump life into the pages using the Campus Suite page editor. This quick session is enough to get new users up and running fast! Require all your publishers to view it before they log in for the first time.

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Basic Publisher Training 3.0 Agenda

Dashboard Overview
  • Basic Dashboard Overview
  • Submitting a ticket
  • Navigating the website structure
  • File Management
Editing pages
  • Adding a new page
    • How to create a new page
    • How to build a page, commonly used widgets
    • Pasting text from Word or other sources
    • Formatting your content using available styles
    • Difference between hard and soft breaks
    • Adding images to a page
  • Navigation Editor
    • Adding a page to navigation
    • Linking to pdfs and modules in the navigation editor
  • Adding a new page though the navigation editor
    • Creating more advanced layouts using widgets
    • Adding links to a page
    • Adding a widget that works with the modules
Using Modules
  • Quick overview
  • How to add data to modules